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Camera  Systems

Home Security
Home Security

You are the owner or all our systems that are CCTV

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Cameras, recorders, and monitoring displays are part of a special self-contained surveillance system. Our CCTV systems monitor all activities in your store, at your company, or at home!

Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras are more convenient for those who cover some smaller places. Also, they are a good solution for the indoor needs of renters. To get both video and audio on your device your system has to have very good network coverage.

Home Security
Home Security

Security analysis determines your needs

Our security team comes to your place, business, or commercial property to do a detailed security analysis at NO cost for you as our client. We will propose your future security plan respecting your budget. When the entire analysis is over, our security staff will propose a customized either residential or commercial security package. All this will be done regarding your financial limitations. With our help, all you need is to relax and enjoy total protection for your security needs. Your security is our worry!

PoE Security camera System

Power over Ethernet cameras (PoE IP cameras) is those that get their power and transmit it via only one Ethernet cable (Cat5, 5e,6 cables, etc). PoE for IP camera signalizes that NO extra power cable is needed in this case. With a POE injected cable that runs to the camera, one has to plug the other end into a DVR, and the PoE camera is ready to work. For this reason, PoE CCTV cameras are named plug and play cameras, as well. PoE for cameras enables easy setup and adequate security at once. For small and medium businesses and family houses, PoE cameras are the best recommendation.

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