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Business Access Control

Only people who are authorized to be there can enter an office or a building because of the business access control.
Nowadays, access cards or ID badges replace keys to enable entering secured places. Access control systems are aimed at restricting access to entry doors, sensitive data, workstations, or even file rooms. In the case of higher buildings, there is a landlord or a management agency in charge of the exterior door access. We enter secured places with ID badges or access cards. A tenant company controls interior office door access.

Our teams install several access control systems

IP based access control

Our IP access control solutions completely differ from older door access systems that used central control boxes. All IP Door access control readers and other door controllers connected to the client’s network must be powered by PoE (Single wire for data and power supply)

We offer a couple of access control solutions. For small to medium systems, your choice can be Isonas IP door reader /controllers. There is also the  Hartmann Controls Enterprise access control system with the advanced capability to control elevators. It is integrated with IP camera systems. For any additional security, you can choose the biometric access control system.

Web based access control

An additional security layer is offered by a web-based physical access control system. This is done by automatically collecting data of all events happening within the system. It is excellent that you can check all logs from security events from all places and anytime you want. Also, you can adjust all system’s security settings remotely.
A good side of a web-based access control system is that it can cover entry points found anywhere in the world. Also, multiple sites can be controlled at once. A platform is reliable and it makes possible access control management from a single location via a secure network aimed at controlling any entry point across the network.

For your home, we have multiple network solutions – wired or wireless

In the case or bigger homes or larger offices, there is a need to buy additional networking components. This is because they can’t be sometimes directly connected or linked to the Wireless router.

These are how you can expand your home network:

By expanding cables going through all rooms in the office or the house

By expanding the total Wi-Fi coverage area through installing additional Wireless Access Points, and, sometimes, with a more powerful access point.

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